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2017 Auplex Four Subsidiary Comapny PK Kick-off meeting

Attention ClerkAuplex all family member

Meeting date:2017.11.29


During December of 2017 Auplex Four subsidiary company: Auplex Appliance company,Colorking heat press company,Big Steel Egg Grill company and Auplex BBQ Grill company ,We will have competition for amount of shipment,quality of the products,6S of working enviroment,recite of company culture,Dormitory Hygiene ect for comprehensive evaluation .Choose one to be Champion,this Month Auplex company will filled of smoke of gunpowder as every company is competetive,everyone wants to be No.1.

 Each company moral show

Basket ball game Team Show

There is a Game,There is a referee.Judge's Oath for just, fair and open,be responsible for themselves,also responsible for Auplex Group Company.


Invite term leader of each subsidiary company go to the stage to encourage our confidence,and commit if they cant achieve the goal,they need to bear their own commitment.

invite general manager for final encourage


The main aims of competition policy are to promote competition; make markets work better and contribute towards improved efficiency in individual markets and enhanced competitiveness of Ceramic Kamado Grill within world wide market.

Competition policy aims to ensure

  • Technological innovation which promotes dynamic efficiency in different markets
  • Effective price competition between suppliers
  • Safeguard and promote the interests of consumers through increased choice and lower price levels

We hope to become your BEST CHOICE for Heat Press Machine and BBQ Grill.