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New Arrival 26 Inch XXL Kamado Launched!

26" XXL is the largest one among all our ceramic grill. Designed special for the large family or team party. 26 inch kamado are reputed with its good rust-resistant property. Large enough to serve almost 18 racks of ribs, 26 burgers or 3 holiday turkets. Auplex 26 inch kamado grill, your perfect helper of Thinksgiving Day dinner!





1. Top Vent: Cast Iron
2. Side Lift handle/Handle: Bamboo
3. Band/Spring/Stand: steel
4. Cooking Grid:   S/S (Dia 6mm S/S)
5. Fire Box: Mullite
    (Resistant to 1000 degree)
6. Grill Dome/Grill Base: Mullite
    (Resistant to 1000 degree)

7. Main body Diameter:25.9 inch / 66cm
8. Dia of Cooking Grid:  57cm/22.4inch,                                   
9. N.W/G.W: 114KG/125KG
10. Loading Qty:


    84 PCS/40"FT;